3 Tips Shopping at Bali Lamp Shop

Visiting Bali for its beaches, cultural performance, and cuisine is not surprising. But, Bali also offers many things to do. One of them is shopping at Bali Lamp Shop.

Bali’s lamp and lighting shop is well-known for its beauty and unique product.

Mostly, it is because the product at that lamp shop uses the unique Balinese art style.

It has sculptures, patterns, colors, and such that resemble the traditional Balinese culture. Therefore, their value is much higher than similar products at other lamp shops.

So, are you interested to visit and buy some lamps there?

This article will help you to learn more about what you should do at Bali Lamp Shop. So, when you have time to visit those shops, you can get the best Bali lamp product. Let’s start!

Customization Service

Most of the lamp shops in Bali offer customization services. You can order the lamp, chandelier, or any types of lighting they sell according to the design you want.

Therefore, do not hesitate to use this customization lamp service. Try to get a unique and one-of-a-kind lamp from that store.

However, because we are talking about a lamp shop in Bali, we recommend ordering the traditional Balinese design.

Ordering directly from the expert will give you the best design and result. Furthermore, the price is also much cheaper than buying a ready-to-sell lamp from a lamp shop in your hometown.

Do Not Worry about the Electricity Specification

Many lamp shops in Bali offer a product with standard international specifications. Indonesia also uses the same specification.

Therefore, you can buy the lamp product from there without any problem. You can install the Bali Lamp at your house. 

However, the cord system might be a bit different. Therefore, we recommend you ask a professional to install the product you bought from Bali Lamp Shop.

They will tweak the cord system a bit to match your house electricity’s system. Other than the cord system, it is the same as your house’s electricity specification for lighting.

Take a Look at Their Accessories Collection

Bali Lamp Shop is not only a place where you can find lamps and lighting.

You also can find various accessories for your house to complement the design and lamp you use. Therefore, do not hesitate to look at the accessories collection at the store that you visit.

If you find one Bali lamp accessory you like, buy one. You also can ask the shop staff about the accessories that match the lamp you bought.

That way, you will get the accessories that work well. More importantly, it looks great with the lamp you choose.

Bali Lamp Shop – Multi Daya Electric

Now, you know what you have to do when you visit any lamp shop in Bali. You only need to find the best lamp shop with the best lamp collection and quality.

Fortunately, Multi Daya Electric is one of the best bali lamp shop in Bali, especially in Denpasar City. You can see all of our product here ‘our product‘, you can find copper and brass lighting, pool light, street light, garden light, etc.

So, what are you waiting for. Visit us at Jl. Teuku Umar, No. 62/70, Denpasar. We’re open on Monday to Saturday 08.00AM-08.00PM.

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