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Popular Pendant Lamps

Here are the 3 most popular types of pendant lights at our store.

Why Pendant Lamps?

(1) Liven up your interior concept, Less space used, (2) Easy to change the height, ambiance, etc., (3) Perfect lighting in the spotlight to the focused object, (4) Variety of options, etc.

manfaat lampu hias

Lighting Types of Pendant Lamps

And also, you need to know this. There’s 3 types here.

Ambient Light

A concept evenly distributed throughout the room, suitable for the living room, or an ample space.

Task Light

a lighting concept that focuses on the activity being performed, studying or eating together

Accent Light

a lighting concept that highlights a specific object, be it a plant, pond, etc.

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Erwan Yuris
Erwan Yuris
Irwan Septian astanto
Irwan Septian astanto
lumayan lengkap
All the lights you want, from bulb to huge chandelier, fans also
igedeindra wiryawan
igedeindra wiryawan
Kishore Mirchandani
Kishore Mirchandani
Gabriella Van
Gabriella Van
The most Big, Complete and Nice Lamp store in Bali . The price also best deal indeed ! rocomended Lamp Store ini Bali .
Suka Ardiasa
Suka Ardiasa

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